Dairy Business is most profitable business among F.M.C.G. sector in India (over 10 to 20 % profits). To the delight of ethical segment of dairy business entrepreneurs, we as Indo-Canadian joint venture consider it as our proud privilege to authentically confirm that it is a true statement.

Keeping in view the ever increasing gap between farm gate price of raw milk and retail price of pasteurized milk in India there is clear  visible profit margin of more than 20% but most of the commercial dairy plants in India are either in loss or earning only nominal profits due to few unresolved core issues and complex problems..

More than 80% cost of dairy business is purchase value of raw milk. Dairy plants in leading dairy countries  purchase only cow milk based on freezing point of milk (bench marking refractometer reading of standard cow milk using cryoscopy) to evaluate dilution with added water. They have no problem in procuring pure raw milk on commercial scale. Countries like India however use 60:40 two axis formulae to purchase mixed milk (Buffalo milk+ Cow Milk) testing fat% and calculating S.N.F. content using prescribed formulae. Digital hydro-analysis of raw milk purchase transactions carried out by us indicates hidden loss of 10% To 20% to dairy plants. Loss on this account is such that it is remains undetected in conventional two axis milk billing system being followed by one and all. We could not find even a single commercial dairy plant in India not suffering such hidden loss.

Complex unresolved problems normally have simple innovative solutions hidden in the problem itself. Innovative Business Improvements Private limited with active professional support from its associate M/S Improvement Innovations Unlimited Inc. Canada carried out in depth study of age old chronic core issues and complex unresolved problems of dairy business in India and successfully evolved easy to implement innovative solutions for all such problems.

Our joint venture carried out deep probe and “S.W.O.T.” analysis of dairy business in India and developed unique APNI DAIRY MILK PROCUREMENT & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on ethical concepts, green processing technology and farmer friendly/ consumer friendly marketing strategy. We have the required professional skills and expertise to provide live demonstration of our claims and contentions highlighted in our introductory statement.  In order to optimise your business profits and attain global competitiveness, please browse through video presentations on this website and contact us on our email address  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for availing our guaranteed result oriented consulting/ advisory services. 

(Jaswant Singh Bhandair)
M.D Innovative Business Improvements Private Ltd Chandigarh India
& Director Improvement Innovations Unlimited Canada