Frequently Asked Questions and Core Issues

Under prevailing Conditions, is it possible to:-

  • PROCURE on commercial scale raw milk without any adulteration, dilution and manipulation?
  • Analyze raw mixed milk for exact % Buffalo milk / Cow milk and added water and to find out its actual net worth?
  • Process and market pure & microbiologically safe pasteurized milk meeting international quality requirements and having shelf-life of more than 15 days?
  • Control total milk handling costs for milk processing plants below Rs.3.50/Liter?
  • Attain break even point for dairy plants handling even less than 10,000 Liters milk per day?
  • Increase purchase price of raw milk by Rs.1.00/liter, decrease consumer price by Rs.1.00/liter from prevalent levels and still attain net profit margin of more than 10% of turn over?
  • Develop technology to process milk without using any conventional dairy equipment or costly inputs and still attain shelf life of more than ten days for treated milk kept under refrigeration?
  • Evolve a system that ensures 100% product traceability between milk producers and consumers?
  • Provide loss insurance cover for ethical dairy plants against hidden losses in dairy business?
  • Upgrade with commitment the existing low profits making/sick dairy plants suffering losses in to profitable business ventures?