Value Proposition and Service Terms

Upgrade quality, productivity and profitability of dairy business operations to meet with international requirements through unique innovative systems and techniques that would ensure:
A) Ethical dairy business entrepreneurs earn at least 10 to 20% net profits as % of turnover.
B) Innocent consumers get absolutely pure and safe international quality pasteurized milk and dairy products at reasonable rates.
C) Progressive milk producers are motivated to produce microbiologically safe and pure raw milk on commercial scale by offering to them most competitive and remunerative prices.

Providing live demonstration of unique win- win concepts , strategies, systems and techniques evolved by our organization to achieve what could not be achieved so far but can be easily achieved with innovative techniques is very special feature of our advisory/consulting services.
We have the required skills and expertise to provide logical answers based on arithmetical calculations and documentary evidence for relevant questions & core issues affecting profitability of dairy business as listed in Annexure -B. Through our custom designed training programs, we can also effectively train and enable your dairy professionals to solve and deal with all problems closely interrelated with these pertinent questions and core issues that have great impact on the techno-economics and profitability of dairy business especially In India and adjoining South Asian Countries.

We intend to claim only Rs.10 as our service charges from our clients who would like to join hands with our team of professionals while we aim at more than Rs.100 as additional gain(with our professional participation) in their bottom line performance results thus targeting cost benefit ratio higher than 1:10
(Please refer to our "Professional offer" for more details)

We provide committed and result oriented Advisory/consulting services only to ethical segment of dairy industry for optimizing overall profitability of dairy foods business covering all operations from milk procurement to marketing of dairy foods.