Pasteurized milk sold in the market world wide is considered safe for drinking as such without boiling and carries labelled shelf life of two to three weeks. There is no dairy company in India at least in our knowledge that is supplying pure pasteurized milk meeting with these internationally prescribed basic quality and shelf life parameters for pasteurized milk. Dairy plants in India on the contrary consider it as customary and follow a accepted practice to sell Pasteurized milk with shelf life warrantee of only two/three days and the so called pasteurized milk  needs boiling before consumption to make it safe for the consumer.

Research carried out by our Mission associates in India indicate that post pasteurization contamination and absence of cold chain facilities between dairy plant and consumer are the prime reasons for this anomaly.

INNOVATIVE PROCESSING/PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY: Based on intensive research and field trials conducted in India by our Mission associates, we have successfully evolved innovative processing and packaging technology calledThermo-Electric Processing Technique (T.E.P.T.). With the help of this technology ethical entrepreneurs engaged in dairy business in India would be able to procure pure raw milk, process it and market pasteurized milk meeting with international quality requirements for purity, bacteriological safety and shelf life. Special feature of this environment friendly cost effective technique is that it is primarily based on solar energy and bio degradable recyclable packaging materials. Producer to consumer concept of “APNI DAIRY” when implemented along with this technology would not only ensure perfect product traceability and accountability between milk producer and consumer but it can easily eliminate undesirable middlemen between milk producer and consumer. Total Milk handling Cost can thus be substantially reduced and monetary benefits of such savings can be shared by the milk producers and consumers.  

Good quality raw milk procured directly from milk producers under prevailing Indian conditions can also attain shelf life of two/three weeks. This has been well demonstrated by our research team and our claim has been testified and authenticated by National dairy Research Institute Karnal (Documentary evidence available as Annexure-H on this website).We can also provide similar live demonstration to you by processing a sample of milk procured by you.

We have already set up a pilot scale micro level processing unit based on Thermo-Electric Processing Technique (T.E.P.T.) at Chandigarh. This unit provides live demonstration of such a new generation milk processing technology. Our Mission and associates are genuinely interested in transferring this technology to ethical dairy business entrepreneurs for protecting the interests of poor milk producers and innocent consumers.