HIDDEN LOSSES IN MILK PROCUREMENT: Dairy plants purchase milk in India with conventional two axis 60:40 formulae. Reputed dairy plants in private sector, milk co-operatives or even multinational companies without exception are not in a position to know the true worth of milk received on their dairy dock viz. a viz. total milk payment going out of their bank accounts. As per survey conducted by our Mission in north India, professionals managing dairy business could not tell the exact % of buffalo milk, Cow milk, added water and true worth of mixed milk being received by them on their dairy docks. Please go through our Presentation CPresentation D titled “Doodh Ka Doodh aur Paani ka Paani” on this website to know more about these hidden losses pertaining to adulteration, dilution and manipulation (A.D.M). These hidden losses normally remain undetected with conventional milk billing calculations and ultimately play havoc with the profit and loss balance sheet.

SAWAL SAU CRORE KA: In order to further clarify this issue as to how these losses remain undetected with conventional milk billing/payment system; we have presented on our website digital analysis and calculations of an actual case study titled “SAWAL SAU CRORE KA”(Annexure-E on this website). Words may be deceptive but authentic arithmetical calculations based on scientific logic would present only true facts. Analytical solution explained by us has been duly audited and authenticated by reputed chartered accountants (Annexure-F on this website).You may ask the dairy professionals working with your institution to critically examine the arithmetically accurate and scientifically logical digital solution presented there in.

PRIZE OF RUPEES ONE LAC: As we are quite sure about accuracy of these calculations so we have no hesitation in declaring a Prize of Rs. One Lac to any one who would prove these calculations regarding hidden loss of more than Rs 100 Crores to the institution referred to in this case study as wrong, illogical or not based on scientific logic related to 60:40.two axis formulae being used by dairy industry.

Professionally managed ethical dairy plants may work out their own hidden losses in milk purchase transactions using the method explained by us in this case study and get in touch with us to claim prize of Rs one lac for the professional team provided their annual hidden loss due to dilution and manipulation is less than Rs.50 Lacs for every 
I Lac Liters/Day milk handling. (Assuming no adulteration other than added water)

QUALITY OF RAW MILK: Due to adulteration, dilution and manipulation; raw milk quality actually reaching majority of dairy plants in India is such that it is almost impossible to produce dairy products meeting with basic international quality standards for purity, bacteriological safety and shelf life. Consequently these institutions fail to optimize their profitability through value addition and ultimately disappoint the milk producers by paying to them unreasonably low price for the white gold produced by our Kaam Dhenu’s.

“APNI Dairy” system of procuring milk directly from actual milk producers designed by our Mission associates can effectively deal with this complex problem and help you in procuring pure good quality raw milk on commercial scale without adulteration, dilution and manipulation.