Compliments For The Contributions

  • Indian Dairy Association {Dairy Industry Conference New Delhi}
    (September 1991)
    Paper on "Reduction of losses in the operation of milk co-operatives” presented in one of the All India Dairy Industry Conference & published in "Indian Dairyman" journal was adjudged to be the best published paper for the year 1990 and awarded cash prize of Rupees Five Thousand.
  • World Bank Mission Headed by Mr. George Russell.
    (April 1989)
    "The Ludhiana Union was extremely well run with a high level of plant management and management by objectives was introduced throughout the operation. The mission believes that this union could be used as a example for demonstration in management principles and that its current Managing Director could be very useful in the wider role within operation flood operations".
  • Dr. V. Kurien Chairman National Dairy Development Board.
    (April 21,1989)
    "I am glad indeed to learn that the Ludhiana milk union continues to perform better year after year under your leadership. The good results achieved by you in the face of severe competition from the private sector is truly commendable".
  • Mr. K.D.Brokes Factory Manager, NESTLE INDIA.
    (November 28, 1986)
    I am very much impressed with the results obtained in terms of quality and efficiency improvement. These results could only be obtained with excellent and enthusiastic management .The private sector will have to really struggle hard to survive if all Milkfederation Plants are run in the same manner
    {Visitors' book Milk Plant Ludhiana}
  • Mr.S.Parthasarthi. JT. Secretary Dairy Development { Govt. Of India}
    (March 7,1990)
    "I must congratulate Mr. Jaswant Singh for having prepared this volume which goes a long way towards adding to his considerable reputation in the field of dairy management. All those who are familiar with his excellent work in the Ludhiana milk union would recognize it as another significant milestone in his own career development and culmination as first rate executive".
    { Foreword for the book "Management By Objectives for Dairy Plants"}
  • Dr. B. M. Mahajan, Director Dairy Development, Punjab.
    (November 3, 1995)
    It was my long desire to see people in Chandigarh and around get good and pure milk feel my wish has come true after drinking "MILK TIME" milk which is so pure and free from all preservatives. Even milk products are extremely good. I am sure with the sincere efforts of this company and Mr Jaswant singh in particular "MILK TIME" will be all over the country for its quality and purity.
    {Visitors' book Milk Plant, Milk Specialities LtD.Chandigarh}
  • Dr. R.P.Aneja Managing Director, National Dairy Development Board
    (April 21, 1989)
    You have shown that well managed co-operatives can serve the farmers extremely well and compete with best-managed dairies and I wish you all success in your future endeavors.
  • DR. E. Madhavan Resident Representative, National Dairy Development Board
    (July 21, 1988)
    Ludhiana Milk Union is one of the rare milk unions in the entire country, particularly in the north, which is doing extremely well both in terms of its activities and financial performance. Ludhiana union is indeed a shining example --A model to be emulated and an oasis in the desert".
  • Sh. Bhagat Singh I.A.S. Registrar Co-operative Societies Punjab.
    A gem of an officer easily the best General Manager who gave excellent results. Deserves a letter of appreciation for giving best all round performance.
    (Annual Confidential Report 1986-88)
  • Sh. S.K. Naik, I. A. S. Registrar Co-operative Societies Punjab
    (July 28, 1988)
    Our co-operative milk plant at Ludhiana has performed very well and earned a net profit of Rs.1.60 Crores during the year 1987-88. It is not the amount of profit but the techniques of management applied by Sh. Jaswant Singh that I wish to bring to your notice. I would like you to depute turn by turn your senior executives especially of the plants to study these techniques and replicate them after due modifications in there own plants
    {Abstract from the letter addressed to M.D. Sugar Federation}