Management Experiences in Key Result Areas
  • Establishing a state of the art technology composite dairy plant of 350,000 litters milk per day capacity for Milk Specialities Limited {Joint venture of Punjab state industrial development corporation} within two years (Concept to commissioning) remains a significant accomplishment of my career. I also designed and implemented an innovative and viable system of milk procurement for the company (only of its kind in India). Due to outstanding quality of milk and milk products, company not only came on the preferred list of multinational companies like SmithKline Beachem / Nestle India but also captured significant share of pasteurized liquid milk market in and around Chandigarh, India.
  • During my tenure as Managing Director of co-operative milk plant Ludhiana (1983-89), I introduced and implemented management by objectives and many innovative management techniques. Milk union and dairy plant together generated record profits of Rs.8.60 Crores in five years (1984-85 to 1988-89). This dairy project was established and commissioned in 1975 with total investment of less than Rs. 2 crores. System orientation ultimately enabled this plant to become the first milk plant in Punjab with ISO 9002 Certification.
  • Preparation and implementation of turn around plan for a dairy plant incurring loss of 15 Lac rupees per month and handling only 2% of its installed capacity was a real challenge and test of my problem solving expertise. Radical improvement in overall performance results for all key parameters, 81% improvement in milk procurement/handling and reduction of 84 Lac rupees in controllable expenditure with in a year, became a new record for such rehabilitation program ever attempted jointly by Milk Federation and National Dairy Development Board.
  • Another loss making dairy plant owned by Milk Federation Punjab was put under my charge for one year. Well planned improvement plan worked out with active participation and involvement of all employees working in that plant and implemented as a time bound action program, resulted in improving milk procurement by 65%, sale of pasteurized liquid milk by29% besides generating net profits of Rs.30 Lacs.
  • Keeping in view my professional accomplishments, The National Dairy Development Board requisitioned my services for implementing a massive rehabilitation program for entire Rajasthan State Dairy Federation that owns ten dairy plants, four cattle feed factories and one exotic cattle farm with semen bank. While implementing rehabilitation program as Additional Managing Director for the Rajasthan Federation, I relied more on management by objectives and result oriented monitoring system for their 200 executives controlling 3000 junior employees in the Federation. Besides implementing action oriented rehabilitation program with the help of F.A.O. experts deputed by N.D.D.B, we conducted number of workshops/ training programs in all fields for key personnel. Rajasthan State Dairy Federation benefited immensely from this effort and ultimately became one of the best among Northern states.
  • Delhi Milk Scheme is a Pioneer Institution of Government of India supplying more than 500,000 liters milk per day to population in New Delhi. This project was incurring heavy losses for the last many decades. Joint secretary dairy development (Govt. of India) who was also controlling officer for this unit requisitioned my services to identify the contributing reasons for the losses so as to take corrective measures to improve the overall performance of Delhi Milk Scheme. Detailed report indicating activities responsible for the loss, monetary impact of each on the profit/loss account and suggestive action plan for improvements was worked out and submitted to the concerned authorities within a short period of one week.
  • While working as Head Engineering and Technology for the Punjab Dairy Development Corporation, one of my assignment was to supervise purchase, installation and commissioning of plant and machinery for milk chilling centers. In place of awarding contract to dairy companies on turnkey basis, I organized installation cell for departmental execution of such assignments. Our organization saved more than Rs.20 Lacs for ten milk chilling centers established by us departmentally.
  • I devised a very simple, easy to implement system for scheduled lubrication and preventive maintenance of dairy machinery, transport vehicles and machinery installed at milk chilling centers. This system when introduced and implemented in all dairy plants and cattle feed factory, produced very good results in terms of reduction in number of breakdowns, production down time and overall maintenance expenditure.