Our Mission and Objectives

Apni Dairy


  • To increase average milk purchase price being paid to milk producers at least by one rupee/Liter.
  • To reduce average milk price being charged from consumer at least by rupee one/Liter
  • To improve productivity and profitability of dairy business from existing level by rupees three per liter through unique innovative system of controlling costs and improving revenue.


  • Project will improve socio-economic status of large numbers of dairy farmer families.
  • Project will provide safe and high quality dairy products to urban consumers.
  • Project would create excellent and viable direct/indirect employment opportunities
  • Project would contribute immensely in improving global peace and and prosperity.


  • To uplift the socio-economic conditions of milk producers in India
  • To provide consumers with high quality dairy products at a reasonable price
  • To set up an innovative processing infrastructure that balances interests of both consumers and milk producers


  • High rates of rural unemployment
  • Current initiatives have been largely unsuccessful
  • A large number of milk processing units are fast becoming economically non-viable due to unfair trade practices and global competition
  • Milk producers are not getting remunerative prices
  • Consumers are getting substandard milk and milk products


  • Create awareness among dairy farmers
  • Launch consumer awareness programs
  • Mobilize support from dairy professionals
  • Provide model demonstration of concept & system
  • Mobilize financial and technical support
  • Create missionary institution for execution


  • Establish direct link between milk producers and dairy plants eliminating all middlemen.
  • Increase reward for contributing hygienically produced superior quality raw milk.
  • Use scientific techniques for safe handling of raw milk from producer to processing plant.
  • Provide technical inputs to improve productivity and health of Buffaloes and cows.


  • Optimize profitability through consumer oriented most remunerative product mix.
  • Deploy innovative management systems for effective cost control and improved revenue
  • Use appropriate technology to ensure dairy products meet international quality standards
  • Optimize use of all kinds of input resources


  • Create innovative marketing infrastructure for distribution of milk and dairy products.
  • Provide dairy products through retail outlets managed by consumer self- help groups.
  • Maintain low inventory levels with accurate demand forecasting and proper planning.
  • Committed customer base to reduce all kinds of advertising and marketing costs.


  • Estimated total cost of project may vary between Rs. 10 to 30 crores depending upon capacity of milk handling and product mix combination (1 to 5 Lac litres per day).
  • Ownership to remain initially with the financing and sponsoring agency.
  • Ultimately self help groups of dairy farmers, consumers and ethical enterpreneurs to become owners.


  • To promote the feeling of universal brotherhood among milk producers, entrepreneurs, consumers and dairy professionals connected with dairy industry.
  • To upgrade the status of dairy industry at state, national, and international levels with the mutual help, understanding and co-operation of all concerned.
  • To extend full support and help in creating required infrastructure, which gives maximum protection to the interests of milk producers, consumers of dairy products, entrepreneurs and professionals connected with the dairy industry.
  • To provide techno-commercial support to the dairy industry for improving milk production, quality of milk /milk products, productivity of all business operations and economic viability of all its constituents i.e. milk producers, entrepreneurs, consumers and dairy professionals.
  • To project an innovative informal co-operative business model, collectively promoted, owned and managed by milk producers, entrepreneurs, consumers and dairy professionals.
  • To create "Techno Commercial Information Bank" to facilitate technology transfer from advanced countries to under developed /developing countries with the objective to upgrade the quality of their dairy products to meet international standards.
  • To prepare rehabilitation plans for low profits making / sick dairy projects and help their management in implementing such plans within shortest possible time span.
  • To create a " Global Training Institution" with well co-ordinated branch links at national and state levels for upgrading the managerial skills of key professionals.
  • To promote " Ideal food among all foods " image for milk and " Ideal profession among all professions " status for dairying as a profession.
  • To use dairying as a media / instrument of bringing prosperity for all, promoting world peace and ushering in era of universal integration.