Plant Manuals Authered/ Case Studies Conducted
  • Milk procurement & technical inputs manual.
  • Role of technical inputs in milk production
  • Production manual for dairy plants
  • Quality assurance manual for dairy plants
  • Maintenance manual for dairy plants
  • Materials management manual for dairy plants
  • Manual for cattle feed plants
  • Management systems for co-operative dairy plants
  • 525 Implementation tasks for improving overall results
  • Management by objectives for dairy plants
  • "Sangrur co-operatives come alive" {Case study of turn around plan for Milk Plant Sangrur}
  • "Milk co-operatives are here to stay” {Case study of turn around plan for Milk Plant Mohali}
  • Excellence in quality with R.M.U. 9000
  • Revitalization plan for "Delhi Milk Scheme" {Case study report on Delhi Milk Scheme}
  • Revitalization plan for co-operative milk plants in Punjab