Published Papers & Presentations

  • I."Reduction of losses in operation of milk co-operatives.”
    Presentation: XXIII Dairy Industry Conference, India.
    Publication: Published by "Indian Dairyman”
    Award: Best published paper award for the year{1990}
  • II. "Role of management systems and techniques in economic viability of milk co-operatives”
    Presentation: XXII Dairy Industry Conference {1988}
    Publication: published by "Indian Dairyman"
  • III."Control of adulteration with a simple device”
    Published by " Indian Dairyman”
    {Jan. 1992}
  • IV. Dhandra” a symbol of success in milk co- operatives
    Published by "Indian Dairyman”
  • V. “Indian Dairying in 21st century “Ethical v/s unethical dairies"
    Published by "Indian Dairyman"
    {March. 1996}
  • VI.Indian Dairying "Milky self reliance and beyond”
    Published by "Indian Dairyman"
    {March. 1999}
  • VII.“Techno-Economics of dairy Business”
    Published by " Dairy Planner”
    {April 2006}
  • VIII. “India winning Gold in dairy Olympics”
    Published by " Dairy Planner”
    {Nov. 2004}